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Maroon Belles
Maroon Belles
(Aspen, Colorado)
Point Bonita Lighthouse
Point Bonita Lighthouse
(San Francisco, California)

"I roamed the countryside searching for answers
to things that I did not understand.
Why shells existed on the tops of mountains....
Why the thunder lasts a longer time than that which causes it....
Why a bird sustains itself in the air....
These questions and other strange phenomena engage
my thought throughout my life."
-- Leonardo DA VINCI (1452-1519)

«Affirm the best in others,
as you would have others affirm the best in you!»

(«Reconnaissez le meilleur chez les autres
comme vous aimeriez que les autres reconnaissent
le meilleur de ce qu'il y a en vous!»)
From BACARD's Affirmist Manifesto (Stanford, California; 1982)

Hello Friends, Colleagues, and New Visitors,

I created before Amazon, Google, ESPN or any multi-billion dollar corporate website existed, much less dominated the World Wide Web. Today, more than 1,000,000,000 (one billion) children, men and women "personalize" cookie cutter web pages on so-called "social media" sites. Advertisements and surveillance tools are as common as insects in the tropics. Many novelists, including George ORWELL and science fiction grand master Philip K. DICK, warned about this "social media".

After twenty years, it's time for me to let rest in peace. This act fills me with both sadness and wonderful memories. As you read these words, 95% of my pages and links have vanished from cyberspace. For your curiosity, as long as you can read this page, you can reach me at: ** Contact André Here **. [Please write a Subject Line that will outsmart my spam filter. She is clever enough to wipe "Hello", "Suzie Wants to Meet You", etc. messages off the server.]

Thanks to all of you who have made this great ride possible!

Special thanks to two cyberspace heroes! Jim WARREN founded the Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conferences and won the Hugh HEFNER First Amendment Award. Mitchell KAPOR designed Lotus 1-2-3, the "killer application" which made the personal computer ubiquitous in the business world in the 1980's, and co-founded the San Francisco based Electronic Frontier Foundation. Kudos also to Playboy Magazine for its February 1996 interview with me (see "Playboy Forum", pages 33-35).

See you in the real world,
André Bacard, Author of
Computer Privacy Handbook and
Hunger for Power: Who Rules the World and How

Electronic Frontier Foundation
Active Supporter of
Electronic Frontier Foundation