Email Privacy

1. If you get mails from unknown senders with attachments, do not open.

2. Do not click on links that come in emails from senders you do not know

3. Do not give confidential information

Banks generally do not ask their customers private data by email so if you get one you requested confidential information, doubt.

4. Enable the anti-spam filter

5. Create different email accounts

Thus, in one of them you can receive promotions and other information of low importance and book another for the most relevant mails

6. Use strong passwords

To ensure the safety of it you should include uppercase, lowercase, numbers and be more than ten characters.
7. Create a professional email address that you host yourself.

8. Be careful when using public Wi-Fi networks
There may be someone who is trying to decipher your password.

9. Use the Bcc option
It will be good to use it when you need to send the same material to multiple recipients and so there are no visible directions.

10. Find out about computer security